Cosmetic training by lux

Cosmetic Training

Training with Lux guides your artistry as well as guiding you as a business woman and provides continuous support and career coaching as you excel within the beauty industry! 

Lux CEO, Kait James, has an MBA in Business Healthcare Management from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. Lux has been a leading provider in the industry for years, and Kait would like to extend her business knowledge to all future students. Training with Lux offers you state of the art training on each service. However, the focus on business is what sets the Lux training apart from our competitors. 

What training entails.

Lux teaches you how to perform the service, but also guides you in-depth on the business of the service:

  • Inventory and supply upkeep (including guidance on suppliers).

  • Pretreatment assessment and intake forms that will legally protect you as the provider and the business.

  • Legalities as it pertains to sanitation and OSHA guidelines.

  • Legislation by state and county, the proper paperwork to file, and business insurance guidance.

  • Value Stream Analysis so you can access overhead of supplies and overall business, various price-points on treatments, and how to continuously increase sales to reach goals!

  • How to establish your office space, and ways in which you can grow business through partnerships with other industry leaders!

  • Social media marketing, including a 30-day intro challenge, as well as guidance on how to optimize Facebook and Instagram algorithms and paid advertisement.

Not only does Lux train you and supply you with everything you need to excel, but I personally guarantee continued support through the years of your career. Training with Lux isn’t just a training course, it’s developing a support system and business network. You are an extension of Lux; therefore, I want you to be the BEST at your art and blossom into a prosperous business!