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Hair styling including braids, braids with style, Thermal Styling, and other styling for hair of all lenghts!

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With this service, we will design exactly what you would picture for your ideal “braid”

Lux offers several different types of braids so we can ensure you are getting the perfect braid that suits YOU. Some examples of braids that we offer are: French braid, Dutch braid, Fishtail braid, Bubble braid, etc. You are probably thinking.. what is a bubble braid? Well, let’s get into that right now!

French braid: It is three strands gathered that are woven together to form a braid

Dutch braid: This look is created when three sections of hair are woven underneath each other instead of over each other forming the illusion of an inverted French braid

Fishtail braid: This resembles the same style as a French braid, but woven with only two strands instead of three.

Bubble braid: An effortless style with lots of volume and unique “bubble-like” sections throughout your hair. We achieve this look by spacing out elastics in your hair and fluffing the hair to create as much volume as you desire in each bubble

Braid with Style


Along with the preference of your braid, we will also add in a style of your choice to complete the full look. That will include the choice of curling your hair, adding beach waves, a sleek straightened look, adding a fun ponytail of your choice, or some textured crimping for an edgier look. This is a chance to really make it your own and be unique to express your personality and to design exactly what you want!

Thermal Styling

$55 - Short
$65 - Medium
$75 - Long

We love the hair industry because it is about being creative. Here we offer several different thermal styles, but love to add a twist to each one so we can make them their own and create our own individual looks for the exact look you desire.

We offer curls of YOUR choice, whether that is fun beachy waves or some more elegant big loose curls for a classic occasion. You name the type of curls you want, and we will create that desired look for you!

Want smooth and sleek?

With the right products and a straightener, we can execute this look without the fear of it looking greasy or flat. We want to provide you with a fresh clean look that has tons of volume while fighting the frizz and making sure it’s a look that is to die for!

These services vary in price depending on the length of your hair and the density of it.

Half Up Style


This look is designed specifically to your needs! We can be so creative and intricate with each individual hairstyle by cleaning it up and designing a classic clean look, or we can really dress it up by adding a braid, some curls, and some extra volume on the crown of your head with still keeping some of your hair down. Depending on the length of your hair, the density, and the difficulty of this style will dictate exactly how much your style will cost.

Updo Style


Want something effortless and off your neck for a girls’ night? Call Lux! We can do anything from a classic pony for a girls’ night, or an elegant style that is completely pinned up for an extraordinary date night or special event! We can give you the desired look you are wanting for your special occasion or big day! We offer services for every person, and customize them to exactly what they need! We want to be apart of your wedding, bridal shower, prom day, sorority rush day, etc! We count everyone, because people count!

Bang Trim


Need a quick trim on your bangs, but don’t feel like you need an entire haircut service?
Don’t worry! A quick dry cut with high grade shears on your bangs will help you feel so refreshed. We will make sure to style them appropriately and you will be in and out of the chair within 15 minutes!



With a haircut service, we want to make you feel beautiful and give you exactly what you want! We will start out by washing your hair, continue with a cut that is executed to no less than perfection and then finish by adding some product with a nice blow dry style. We have options as well to make a quick dry cut as well.



Whether you are looking to touch up your roots, change your total hair color, or add some fun fashion colors.. we are here for it! We love adding a unique customizable color to our clients. We do not do “cookie cutter” colors, and we want to do what fits you perfectly! We are all different, and I believe the perfect hair color on our clients can make such a big difference! Hair color comes in semi – permanent & permanent. Semi-permanent will fade out within 4-6 weeks, and permanent color will grow out with your hair.

Partial Highlights


Partial Highlights consists of giving the whole top of your head and sides of your head a fresh set of foils. We leave the nape out and it makes for a quicker service while also giving you the look that your entire head was foiled. We will tone you according to your desired look giving you a more customized color.

Full Highlights


You want to completely change your look, while still adding dimension? A full highlight is a customized hand placement painting for you! This will add so much life and color into your hair, by adding depth without coloring your whole head. Full highlights can be used to brighten your look, or darken it. We will tone you at the end of your service to make sure we give you the exact color you are looking for!



Sometimes all we need in our life is just some brightening, or altering of our color. That doesn’t mean we necessarily need more color on our head. We just need to customize what we already have and give our hair its full potential with what we are already working with! This service is much quicker. We apply your toner right at the shampoo bowl, let it sit for the time desired and then we will rinse you, apply product, and finished with a blow dry.

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