In-Person Microblading Training

Microblading Training with Lux is a one on one experience. As opposed to being with a classroom full of students, you and I train together; providing you with the most hands on, guided, personalized training process. 

The outline of the material, as well as the multi-week class schedule, allows you ample classroom time as well as time to take the information home to digest it, study the art of microblading, and come back to me with areas you feel need more guidance. From a psychological perspective, everyone learns differently; which is why Lux has adapted a one on one training process to cater to YOU. This personal training focuses on you, your learning process, your business goals, and your needs. Below is a detailed outline of the topics that we will dive deeply into during our training. 

Microblading Training with Lux

You will be supplied with a textbook, practice materials, multiple classroom days, and guided experience to excel within your Microblading career.

Microblading Training General Student Outline:

First & Foremost: Bloodbourne Pathogens Training & Certification

Classroom Work:

  • Color Theory- Picking the Right Color for Your Client 
  • Golden Ratio of Facial Anatomy 
  • Eyebrow Styles and Trends 
  • What Shape is BEST for Your Client VS Client Wants
    • Creating Realistic Expectations 
    • Client Conversations and Support 
    • Open Line of Communication
  • Creating Hair Strokes: Styles, Depth 
  • Numbing: Techniques and Methods 
  • General Client Process: Start to Finish 
  • AfterCare 
  • Client Support During the Healing Process
  • Scheduling the Touch-Up
  • Touch-Up Process
  • Intake Forms / Send Home Aftercare 
  • Supplies – Brands, Supply Lists, Where to Order, Etc. 
  • Legalities, insurance, business practices


Hands on Training:

  • Art Class: Designing Brows
  • Practice on Prosthetic Skin 

Client Demo:

  • Shadow Me Doing a Client

Two Guided Models

  • You’ll supply the models. 
  • We will together treat the clients from start to finish
  • You’ll microblade, I’ll guide

Continuous Client Support 

  • I am always a text, call, email away 

Advanced Certification

  • Submit Client Portfolio 
  • Constructive Feedback 
  • Submit 15 perfect brow sets for advanced cert!

Not only does Lux train you and supply you with everything you need to excel, but I personally guarantee continued support through the years of your career. Training with Lux isn’t just a training course, it’s developing a support system and business network. You are an extension of Lux; therefore, I want you to be the BEST at your art and blossom into a prosperous business!