Makeup & cosmetics including full face + airbrush, eye makeup, lash strip application, and brow fill-in. 

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Full face + airbrush

This is the full experience with how a full face of makeup looks! It is a full coverage application without looking “cakey” or like you have over-applied. We will start with a foundation, add some cheek color, any bronzer or contour, highlighter for your cheekbones and nose, touch up your brows, add the desired look for your eyes, and complete you with a lip color that will compliment you the best!

You can use this experience for a day to treat yourself and dress yourself up for a night downtown, or we can use this for a special day of your choice. We will customize this look specifically designed for YOU!

Eye makeup

Need help with eyeshadow? Don’t know exactly how to do a winged liner? 

Lux is here to help YOU! We offer everything you need to know for eye makeup.

Whether you need something soft and glamorous for a work interview, or you need something with glitter, eyeliner, and false lashes for a fun event. Call us! We would love to add some glam to be apart of your day! Neutral eyeshadow can seem like such a simple task, but it is so much more effective when it is applied correctly and really makes your eyes pop!

Lash strip application

Such a little touch can go such a long way! Lux offers strip lashes to apply over your lash line to really blend the eyelashes and make them more voluminous and defined. This will make your lash line darker and add some extra pop!

Brow fill in

Brows can be tricky, and sometimes they are hard to execute. Whether you are desiring a dark, heavy, filled in look, or a few hair line strokes to even your brows out and cover up any bald spots or lighter areas. Let us help you! We are here to customize your brows to what you’re exactly looking for. Depending on your desired look, we can add a little bit of powder, some pomade for more color fill-in, or just a few pencil strokes.

Lash & Brow Tinting

Sometimes we have a lot of hair, with very little color. This quick 15 minute service dyes your natural brows and lashes without having to use makeup to enhance it. This is a temporary service and only lasts about 2-4 weeks. We will match the desired color you are looking for, giving you a darker emphasis on your lashes and eyebrows!

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