Online Microblade Training

Microblading Training

Online Microblading Training with Lux is an in-depth online course that covers not only the art of microblading, but everything you will need to succeed within the business of microblading.

The outline of the material and the leisure of online training allows you ample classroom time to digest the information, study the art of microblading, and come back to me with areas you feel need more guidance. From a psychological perspective, everyone learns differently, which is why Lux has adapted an online microblade training program that offers written and verbal education. You will be provided with 15 modules of information regarding microblading; advanced textbook work, accompanying videos with instruction, and downloadable workbooks to enhance your art. This personal training focuses on you, your learning process, your business goals, and your needs. Below is a detailed outline of the topics that we will dive deeply into during our training. 

Online Microblading Training with Lux

You will be supplied with a textbook, practice materials, videos, and guided experience to excel within your Microblading career.

Microblading Training General Student Outline:

Module 1: Intro to Microblading

A synopsis of what microblading is, why it’s so popular, and how to target clientele!

Module 2: Intake and Assessment

You will be provided with downloadable copies of all the consent needed for microblading. We also go into an in-depth discussion on the ideal microblading clients, what to avoid when assessing clients, and how to approach these conversations!

Module 3: Golden Ratio

You begin your microblading artistry by diving into the Golden Ratio of Facial Symmetry to create beautifully symmetric brows. This module includes text, accompanying videos, and downloadable worksheets. 

Module 4: Pattern Design

You dive further into the art of microblading learning how to design eyebrow patterns. This module also includes text, accompanying videos, and downloadable worksheets.

Module 5: Color Theory

You learn how to assess your client’s skin tone and the ideal match for each client through color theory and color matching!

Module 6: Skin Physiology

Microblading is the act of piercing the biggest organ in our body, our skin! This module goes in depth on skin physiology and the considerations that need to be taken to ensure you are the most knowledgeable artist.

Module 7: Advanced Design

Now that you have studied textbook definition design, we dive deeper into how to manipulate the varying points of the brow to create custom shapes and designs. This is truly an aspect of the industry that will set you apart from your competitors!

Module 8: Supplies Checklist

A checklist of everything you need to begin and maintain a prepared microblading workstation! 

Module 9: Microblading procedure Start to Finish

This module offers you a guided platform of how to perform microblading from start to finish. You are provided with in depth text walking you through each stage of the process, as well as a video demonstrating the process. The video is real-life time and accompanied by sound. 

Module 10: Touch Up

Each microblading procedure will require a touchup. Here you learn the varying factors that go into your healed work, as well as how to proceed with your microblading client. 

Module 11: Aftercare

Aftercare is crucial to the healed results of your microblading work. In this module, we dive deep into the plethora of factors that contribute to the healed result. You also have access to downloadable Aftercare; you can post this on social media, text it to your clients, or print it out for take home packets! 

Module 12: Legalities

Microblading as an art can be very fun! But art is only half of the process. To ensure your assets are covered, in this module you learn about the legalities associated with microblading and how to develop a safe and legally sound practice.

Module 13: Photographing Your Clients

Photographing your clients is crucial to marketing your art! In this module, you get an in-depth guidance on how to photograph your clients, store your client files, and obtain the highest level of organization!

Module 14: Record Keeping

Paperwork is an essential component to any business. In this module, you are given downloadable documents as well as Excel files to organize your individual clients, as well as keep records for your business as large! 

Module 15: Social Media Marketing

Last, but certainly not least! We dive into the various factors of successful social media marketing, accompanied by a 30-day social media challenge that is microblade specific! 

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Is there a help line for questions as I go through the online microblade training?

Yes, of course! It is so important to me, as your instructor, that we have an open line of communication during your training.  I want you to finish your online microblade training feeling very empowered with all the knowledge you need to succeed in the microblading industry! You will have access to ask questions via email, phone, and text. 

Will I get a certification after training?

Yes! After completing the online microblading training, you will receive a Certification of Microblading Professional Development! 

When does each online microblading training session start?

Because this is an online microblading training, you may start the course as soon as you purchase! This is a self-lead educational process in which you are in control of when you are training and the pace at which you are training. Some trainees bust the training out within a few days, others may take weeks. As adult learners, we all learn at our own pace and we have other obligations that require our work and time. This online microblading training is designed so that you can fit career development into your schedule, however you see fit! 

How long is the online microblading course?

The online microblading course itself is 15 modules. This is about 15 hours-worth of online education, not counting practice work on the downloadable worksheets provided. These worksheets focus on helping you develop your microblading artistry. This course is designed so that you are able to really dive into your microblading learning at your own pace.

Does the training come with a kit?

No, online microblading training with Lux does not come with a kit. In order to keep the price of training minimal, Lux has opted out of providing you with a kit. Often times when training facilities offer you a kit with your training, it is because they have their own product lines that they are trying to promote. Online microblading training with Lux instead gives you the knowledge you need to build your own kit. Microblading is an art, and just like an artist has a preference on the types of brushes and paints they use, you will develop a preference on the types of microblading tools you will use. The overhead of microblading is very minimal, so building your own kit to get started is a very manageable price; you can do this for less than $500. 

What sort of job positions do most of your trainees enter into after online microblading training with Lux?

Most of the trainees with our online microblading training program have actually branched out to start their own businesses! A portion of the online microblading training actually goes over microblading as a business and how to start your own entity. We’ve had a few trainees that are partnered with tattoo shops to offer microbladed brows in that setting. And others may choose to partner with existing spas. The amazing thing about this industry, is you really have the freedom to decide the career setting you feel most comfortable with! 

What sets your online microblading training program apart from others?

Aside from being a microblading artist and training for years, I also have a bachelor’s degree in psychology. I have a very in depth understand of adult learning from a psychological perspective and the ways in which adult learners are able to really absorb information. In addition, I have an MBA, so I’m very knowledgeable on business. I have designed this online microblading training course to optimize the learning styles for everyone who could possibly be interested to thrive in their own microblading careers! I also offer an open line of communication and continued support as you develop your microblading career! 

Is online microblading training with Lux just bookwork?

Nope! Because I have designed this online microblading training course to optimize ALL adult learning styles, the course is equipped with 15 modules of book work, accompanying instructive videos, and downloadable worksheets for you to practice the art of microblading! 

Not only does Lux train you and supply you with everything you need to excel, but I personally guarantee continued support through the years of your career. Training with Lux isn’t just a training course, it’s developing a support system and business network. You are an extension of Lux; therefore, I want you to be the BEST at your art and blossom into a prosperous business!