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Everything you need to know about Jade Rolling

Jade stone attracts wealth and health. 


  • Cools and calms skin 
  • Eases muscle tension
  • Reduces puffiness and inflammation
  • Reduces undereye bags and circles
  • Promotes lymphatic function 
  • Increases circulation 
  • Improves product absorption 
  • Improves skin elasticity 
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Leaves skin GLOWING

How to use your jade roller:

I prefer to keep my stone rollers in the freezer in a little glass cup. The soothing effects of a nice, chilly jade is unmatchable! Stone rolling should be used to finish off your facial routine; the cherry on top! 

Let me walk you through my nightly routine. And by nightly, I mean 3 nights a week… because let’s be very serious; life is CHAOTIC and skin care routines can be timely. In a euphoric world I could take an hour every night to do an intense skin regimen on my entire body, but my face is usually my focus; it’s the money maker! 

I like to start my cleansing off with a nice, very warm wash cloth! Towel warmers are great; if you don’t have a warmer, place a clean wash cloth in your CLEAN sink and let the hot water run over it until it’s nice and steamy. Allow the rag to simmer down a bit. Placing a scalding hot cloth on your face isn’t the best feeling in the world, but also can result in broken capillaries. But, using heat to start the cleansing process is helpful because heat and steam work to open your pores; this allows for a deeper clean. 

Step One: Cleanse! Wash off the day. I prefer to start my cleaning with a nice oil based cleanser; especially if I have makeup or tinted creams on. Oil based cleansing is the best for removing makeup and debris. 

Step Two: Double cleanse. That first cleans is to remove any YUCK from your face, the second cleanse is to clean your skin… get down in your pores and absorb the benefits of your cleanser. 

**Make sure you’re rinsing your cloth in between washes; still capitalizing on the warmth and steam.**

Step Three: Rinse your cleansers off really well!! Allow your face to dry. At this point, you’ll be able to notice is you have any additional cleanser on your face that wasn’t thoroughly rinsed off. Signs of this include sticky-ness or grainy substances. If you feel you have cleanser still left on your face, rinse again!! 

Step Four: Serums! Time to treat your main skin care concerns! For me, I am very acne prone, have larger pores, and I am overly focused on maintaining my youth! I start with a nice Vitamin C. Vitamin C has so many amazing benefits; and starting with Vitamin C enhances the absorption of all other products. Always allow each substance to dry and absorb prior to applying the next. I take a few moments to dance around my apartment, check the tea I have steaming on the stove, text my favorite babes back, etc. Following my vitamin C, I decide on my cocktail of serums of the night. Generally, I like to use tightening serums, acne serums (if I’m experiencing a breakout), dark spot correctors, or a whitening serum. I usually incorporate a couple of my favorites and alternate the uses for each mini facial. 

Wahhhlaahhhh! I now have a face full of magical serums working to make me blemish free and forever 28! 

Step Five: Moisturizer! We always apply serums and moisturizes from lightest to heaviest. Now that my light serums have been applied and absorbed, I’m moving onto a thicker moisturizer. My favorite moisturizer to finish off my facial is a simple hydrating cream. I apply a dollop into my palm and massage into my face and neck. 

Step Six: TIME TO JADE ROLL! I dance my moisturized booty into the kitchen and grab my fave jade roller from the freezer.  Topping your facial off with jade rolling ensures that all product is being massaged and rolled into the skin. We began with warmth to open the pores. We finish with cold to seal the pores! Jade rolling not only has serious skin benefits, but it feels good too!! 

Add a jade roller to your routine. Shop today!

We have attached a visual representation of how to roll below!

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