Microneedling works to create microinjuries in your skin that activate healing overdrive, generating excess natural mechanisms such as elastin & collagen production. This creates skin that looks tighter, brighter, & younger. 

Overall, microneedling is an all-natural facial that helps promote healthy, happy skin and set the foundation for skin that not only looks younger but acts younger. Microneedling can target various skin issues & we will work together to come up with a treatment plan to target all of your appearance goals! This is ideal for clients who struggle with acne and acne scarring. Microneedling involves minimal downtime and requires you to refrain from wearing makeup for 48 hour.

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is the process of creating micro-injuries in the skin. This generates a multitude of happenings at a cellular level. When our skin is injured it sends signals to increase collagen and elastin production. This is what “heals” the skin. But because these are micro-injuries, we are tricking the skin into healing a wound that isn’t present. This sends an influx of collagen and elastin to the skin’s surface. These are key nutrients in tight, bright, glowing skin. 

In addition, microneedling induces skin cell turnover rate. As teens, the skin has a 21-day turnover rate on average. As we age, this process slows. This creates a buildup of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. This buildup leads to clogged pores and continuous clogged pores created larger pore size. This also creates fine lines and wrinkles. This buildup also contributes to pigmentation issues such as hyperpigmentation.

Furthermore, Microneedling creates microchannels in the skin for a deeper penetration of product. Normally when applying skin care product, the product itself sits on top of the skin and soaks into the superficial layers of the epidermis. The microchannels created allow for a deeper product penetration, soaking into the deeper layer of the skin; the dermis. This is a very direct line of absorption, so it’s important to be aware of how harsh the products being used with the facial are; highly fragranced products could lead to irritation. But generally, we can couple the facial with product known to target your specified issues.  

You can get a microneedling facial every 4 weeks. The duration of repetitive facials is dependent on your specific skin type, skin health, targeted issues, and how well you heal. You will see results from a single facial. It’s helpful to think of microneedling in comparison to the gym; one trip to the gym is great, but the more often you go to the gym, the better the results will be. This is the same with Microneedling; one facial is helpful but monthly facials will leave you with the best results.

Lux offers package discounts if you'd like to begin a monthly regimen of microneedling.


What can microneedling target?

Microneedling is an all over “feel good” treatment for your skin. These are some of the specific ways it can help:



Microneedling generates a faster turnover rate, which can dry up current acne and create a healthier environment to help diminish future outbreaks.

Acne scars

Cell turnover rate induces the shedding of old skin cells while new skin cells are generated. This pushes the scar tissue closer to the surface, while replacing it with new, healthier skin.

Stretch marks/scars

Similar to what we discussed above, we are diminishing the appearance of scars through cell regeneration; replacing the damaged skin with healthier skin.

Fine lines/wrinkles

The induction of collagen and elastin is what targets fine lines and wrinkles. As we age, our skin loses its elasticity, creating the crevices and sagging skin. By generating these nutrients, we are encouraging skin to not only look younger, but act younger.


Pigmentation is targeted through cell regeneration. Icroneeling pushes the older pigmented skin to the surface and replaces it with younger, healthier skin.

Dull skin

Dullness normally comes with age and the buildup of dead skin cells. With regular micro needling, we train the cell turnover rate to act younger, producing a brighter, more youthful appearance.


Microneedling Results Speak For Themselves

Microneedling has enhanced every aspect of this client’s skin health. Appearance is obviously why we do these treatments initially, but you’ll get hooked on how healthy your skin not only looks, but FEELS!

Microneedling has improved her pore size, acne, acne scarring, smoothed out her pigmentation, & left her with a real glow. Not only have we restructured the appearance of her skin, we’ve restructured the health of her skin. The amount of break outs has clearly diminished, skin cell turnover rate has increased, & the pH levels have balanced. Microneedling gives you skin that looks AND acts healthier!

Normally you have discoloration & scars from cystic acne…. you can’t even tell she had a breakout! THIS IS THE HEALING POWER OF MICRONEEDLING!

Lets chat!

Reach out to Lux to discuss your individual skin issues, skin health, and your skin goals!



Does it hurt?

Microneedling is a facial that doesn’t necessarily feel good, but the pain of the facial depends on your pain tolerance. Clients with a higher pain tolerance describe the facial as a sense of vibration and rate it as a two on a discomfort level of ten (One being barely any sensation, ten being very painful!). The facial feels like light scratching and elicits a sunburn sensation; you’ll feel heat in the areas that are being treated. 

We use a series of numbing techniques including a steam to open the pores and a topical numbing cream application prior to the facial. This ensures that the facial is as comfortable as possible. 

What device is used?

Lux owns the BellusMedical SkinPen. This is the only FDA approved microneedling device on the market; top of the line technology! This device allows us to create a very client specific treatment plan, as the tech controls the depth of the needles. We are able to do all over treatment, as well as spot treatment in more targeted areas, such as acne scars, for a deeper, more aggressive spot treatment. 

Feel free to check out Lux’s specific device and the company we trust with our microneedling procedures: Bellus Medical

You can find out more, see before and after photos, and check out informational videos via: http://bellusmedical.com 

What should I expect post Microneedle Facial?

Immediately after the facial you will be very red and possibly slightly swollen. You will experience a pretty intense heat sensation, comparable to the feeling of a sunburn. You’ll also experience tightening. The intense redness subsides by the next morning. You may see spot redness or small pinpoint bruises in the areas we treated extremely aggressively; this is common on forehead wrinkles and smile lines. Eyes are also a more sensitive area to treat, and the redness may linger longer in this area. If we are spot treating acne or acne scars, these areas will also be more noticeable. 

Shedding is common a few days post facial, as the skin cell turnover rate is sped up and new skin is being generated, causing the older skin to shed at an expedited rate. 

The downtime with microneedling is minimal and you’re able to continue with your normal skin care regimen the next day. I personally recommend scheduling your facial when you’re able to be makeup free for 48 hours to really capitalize on your results. 

The key to a successful healing is keeping your skin clean, cool, calm, and dry! 

I’ll send you home with an aftercare packet including Rescue Calming Complex; the BellusMedical formulated serum that calms your skin and ensures hydration while healing. 

What facial products should I use post microneedle?

Microneedling cleans out your pores and opens up your skin channels for a deeper penetration of products. The day of the facial, you should gently wash with cool water and a clean cloth and use a gentle moisturizer. The next day you are free to resume your normal skin care regimen. You do need to avoid exfoliants and salicylic acids, as these products are too aggressive immediately post microneedle; you may incorporate these into your regimen two weeks post facial. I recommend increasing your use of serums the week after a microneedle as the channels are more susceptible to absorbing the products and increasing the benefits. So, for example, if we are targeting pigmentation issues and sun spots, I’d recommend a lightening serum. 

Microneedling is such an individualized and personal treatment process, so an open line of communication is key to achieving the best results!

Have another question? Ask away!