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How to Become a Plasma Fibroblast Provider

Interested in Adding Plasma Fibroblast to Your Skillset? Plasma Fibroblast technically verges into medical aesthetics. So, what is medical aesthetics? “Any medicine or medical procedure specializing in or intended to

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Beauty Industry Pricing Explained

Beauty industry pricing: Everything you need to know about what you’re paying for with your beauty service & common beauty industry etiquette! Social media influence on the beauty industry: We

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Everything you need to know about Jade Rolling

Jade stone attracts wealth and health.  Benefits: Cools and calms skin  Eases muscle tension Reduces puffiness and inflammation Reduces undereye bags and circles Promotes lymphatic function  Increases circulation  Improves product

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How Esthetics Changed My Life

Plasma Fibroblast with Lux (@luxindianapolis) Written by: Kayla Walker (@kwalksworld) Let me start this blog off by saying how I have never experienced anything in the esthetic field until I

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