Microneedling Training with Lux

Microneedling Training

Lux offers Microneedling Training to our in-person students at our flagship in Indianapolis, IN. Lux has also developed an online training program to coach you through the skills of Microneedling and how to create a lucrative business with the service.
Online training caters to all adult learning styles as training includes a lesson plan consisting of written instruction, video instruction, and a plethora of downloadable files to assist with the artistry and business of Microneedling.

Microneedling Training General Student Outline:

Module 1: Suggested Lesson Plan

Lux provides you with a guided lesson plan on how to optimize your training program! 

Module 2: What is microneedling?

An in-depth overview on the non-surgical skin procedure that’s sweeping the market! 

Module 3: Skin Anatomy

Microneedling is the act of treating the biggest organ in our body, our skin! This module goes in-depth on skin physiology and the considerations that need to be taken to ensure you are the most knowledgeable provider.

Module 4: How Microneedling relates to other treatments on the market

The beauty market is saturated with treatments and competition. In this module we discuss treatments that are similar to Microneedling, why Microneedling is a great course of option, and what treatments Microneedling works well with! 

Module 5: What areas can be treated?

Microneedling is a very versatile treatment; this module covers what areas can be treated and sets the platform to dive into the specifics of each area in further modules. 

Module 6: Who is a good candidate?

Microneedling uses heat to tighten the skin, therefore making this treatment less favorable for some skin types. This module covers who is the ideal candidate and how to access this. 

Module 7: Machine Recommendation

The beauty industry offers you dozens of options on machine brands and abilities; we discuss those here. 

Module 8: Inventory and Supplies

This module covers inventories needed and how to stay stocked and ready for Microneedling business! 

Module 9: Pre-Treatment and Assessment

This module begins the business training section of Microneedling. We go over pre-treatment conversations, assessments, and intake forms! You are supplied with downloaded files to establish your client intake packets. 

Module 10: Sanitation

OSHA guidelines, bloodborne pathogens certification regulation, and general workplace practice for Microneedling is covered in the Sanitation modules. 

Module 11: Mapping and Treatment Plan

We begin to dial in on the artistry of Microneedling, including pattern and skin considerations for optimal tightening and customer satisfaction. 

Module 12: Treatment Perimeters

This module dives in even deeper for mapping and treatment plans, accompanied by video instruction on a live model! 

Module 13: Number of Treatments Needed and Follow-Up

Microneedling is a process that often takes more than one treatment. In this module, we discuss the factors that play into how many treatments are needed, pricing on package deals, and establishing loyal clients. 

Module 14: Treating the Eyes

Microneedling guidance as it applies specifically to successful treatment of the eyes!

Module 15: Treating the Lips

Microneedling guidance as it applies specifically to successful treatment of the lips!

Module 16: Treating the Abdomen

Microneedling guidance as it applies specifically to successful treatment of the abdomen, specifically as it pertains to post-partum clients!

Module 17: Acne Scar Correction

Microneedling guidance as it applies specifically to successful treatment of acne scars!

Module 18: Aftercare

Aftercare is critical to Microneedling success. We go over aftercare in depth in this module, from a provider and client standpoint. 

Module 19: Treatment Start to Finish

A video explanation from the start of treatment to the end, with a live model! 

Module 20: Legalities

Legalities are SO important in the beauty industry. This module guides you on how to achieve outstanding legal practices, accompanying paperwork, and guidance on how to navigate the guidelines in your state. 

Module 21: Photographing Your Clients

Photographing your clients is crucial to marketing your art! In this module, you get an in-depth guidance on how to photograph your clients, store your client files, and obtain the highest level of organization!

Module 22: Record Keeping

Paperwork is an essential component to any business. In this module, you are given downloadable documents as well as Excel files to organize your individual clients, as well as keep records for your business as large! 

Module 23: Data Analysis

Knowing you supply and general business overhead is key to establishing service price points that allow you to be competitive but also maintain a lucrative business. Data Analysis supplies you with a built in Excel Dashboard to enter your specific overhead and explore price point options that push you to achieve a six-figure salary! 

Module 24: Brick and Mortar Business

As a new provider in the industry, this module walks you through how to establish your office front. If you are a vet in the industry, this mod also gives you some insight on how to expand and enhance your business partnerships. 

Module 25: Social Media Marketing

A 30-Day Challenge to market your new skill! Each day goes over a specific game plan of content to share with your online community! 

Module 26: Advanced marketing

Lux has gone through an extensive 9 certification course with Facebook to optimize Facebook and Instagram algorithm and learn the keys to successful paid advertisements; in this module we share the key insights you need to succeed! 

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Who can perform microneedling?

Legalities vary by state; I suggest contacting your state department for specifics. The state of Indiana allows estheticians to microneedle at a depth of 0.3 mm; depths beyond 0.3 mm require physician supervision.

Why train with Lux for microneedling?

Kait was trained and certified on Microneedling via Bellus Medical, using the Skin Pen. The Skin Pen is the only FDA approved microneedling device on the market. Kait has been performing microneedling for over five years under the direct supervision of a physician and has treated hundreds of clients, allowing for a very in-depth knowledge! 

How is the course organized?

The online course is available to you, to complete at your own pace. In-person training covers classroom days as well as hands on model days, where you treat your own models with direct supervision! We work together to choose the dates best for your schedule for the in-person training.

Is a kit provided?

Microneedling training with Lux has been designed to cater to various levels of support and kits. We go over kit options in depth. When trainings traditionally include a kit, it’s because that company has retail and wants you to buy their brand. Lux trains you on various brands on the market. Instead of limiting you to one brand, Lux educates you on how to explore brand options and choose the styles that are best for you, your artistry skills, and your budget. 

Learn more about Microneedling as a service by visiting our microneedling treatment page!