Nipple Reconstruction

Breast Cancer affects more than 280,000 people per year. This is a cancer that is very near and dear to my heart, especially for female victims. To lose a piece of your femininity is to disconnect with a piece of your identity.

Fighting breast cancer comes with so many stages; the surgeries and chemo sessions, having your breasts removed, potentially having to wear spacers, going through the process of getting implants. This results in scars and potentially no longer having nipples. I have spoken with so many women who have explained that at the end of the process, they are so exhausted that not having nipples seems very insignificant. But it really is the last piece of the puzzle. The cherry on top. The final details that truly can close that chapter in your book.

Cosmetic tattooing for nipple reconstruction is a very simple process, and I process that I love helping clients through! Please reach out today to discuss how we can work together to complete your breast reconstruction!



How do we decide shape for cosmetically tattooed reconstructed nipples?

We work together to choose the size and shape that you feel best compliments your breasts. If you have photos of your breasts prior to surgery, we can work to really match your natural nipple. We will try on various shapes prior to the tattooing process to choose the perfect aesthetic for your reconstructed nipples! 

How do we choose the color for cosmetically tattooed reconstructed nipples?

Again, we work together to choose colors and designs you feel are best! We can work with photos of your original nipples, as well as color swatch various palettes onto your skin to see which colors are most complimentary. I have a sketch book filled with various sizes, colors, shapes, and styles that you can browse for a bit of inspiration! 

How long do cosmetically tattooed reconstructed nipples last?

This tattoo process is permanent, so your cosmetically tattooed reconstructed nipples will last forever. 

Will I ever need a touchup?

You may require a touchup, as everybody heals differently. Generally speaking, you probably will not require a touchup. But things such as sun exposure and excessively oily skin can lighten the ink at an expedited rate so in that case, you may touchup the ink years down the road. Healing is very crucial to the results of your cosmetically tattooed reconstructed nipples as well; following after care is important to ensure you won’t need a touchup! 

What is the healing process like for cosmetically tattooed reconstructed nipples?

I’ll send you home with an ointment for after treatment. It’s important to keep your cosmetically tattooed reconstructed nipples CLEAN, COOL, CALM, and DRY post treatment to ensure we don’t bother the ink. We’ll go into after care instructions in depth the day of your treatment, but generally it just entails being very gentle with your freshly tattooed skin. You’ll experience a bit of scabbing, but other than that it’s a fairly simple healing process! 

Does it hurt to get cosmetically tattooed reconstructed nipples?

I use a medical grade numbing cream to make the process as pain free as possible. I have had clients who do not even feel the tattooing process, while others are a bit more sensitive; this depends on your body’s pain tolerance and every person varies. If you do experience discomfort, we will apply more numbing cream, focus on calming music, and get through it together. 

How long does it take to get cosmetically tattooed reconstructed nipples?

On average, I can tattoo nipples in anywhere from one to three hours! This depends on how well you sit (pain tolerance) and how in depth we are getting with the design of the nipples. 

Can we tattoo cosmetically reconstructed nipples over scaring?

Yes, absolutely! The goal is to minimize the appearance of the scars and cover the area where your natural nipple would be! 

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