Lip Blushing

Lip Blushing allows us to define the vermillion border, brighten lips, & create the appearance of fuller, more plump lips!

Lip Blushing allows us to define the vermillion border, brighten lips, & create the appearance of fuller, more plump lips! We work together to choose a color that compliments your skin tone & the style of lip blush you gravitate towards. Shape is designed based on your natural lip shape & facial features! Lip Blushing can be done on natural lips, as well as lips with injections & lip flips.



How do we decide shape for cosmetically tattooed lip blushing?

We work together to choose the size and shape that you feel best complements your facial features and desired look. If you have photos of your lips in your favorite style lipstick, we can work to really match that. We will try on various shapes prior to the tattooing process to choose the perfect aesthetic for your face! 

How do we choose the color for cosmetically tattooed lip blushing?

Again, we work together to choose colors and designs you feel are best! We can work with colors of your favorite lipsticks, as well as color swatch various palettes onto your skin to see which colors are most complimentary. The color choosing process is VERY individualized and we work together to ensure you LOVE your new color!

How long do cosmetically tattooed lip blushing last?

This tattoo process is permanent, so your cosmetically tattooed lip blushing will last forever. However, various factors can fade the ink such as sun exposure, exfoliating, excessively dry and cracked lips, etc. 

Will I ever need a touchup?

Lip Blushing is a two-step process; your initial and a touchup 4 weeks post. You may require a touchup after that, as everybody heals differently. Generally speaking, you probably will not require a touchup. But things such as sun exposure and excessively oily skin can lighten the ink at an expedited rate so in that case, you may touchup the ink years down the road. Healing is very crucial to the results of your cosmetically tattooed lip blushing as well; following after care is important to ensure you won’t need a touchup! 

What is the healing process like for cosmetically tattooed lip blushing?

I’ll send you home with an ointment for after treatment. It’s important to keep your cosmetically tattooed lip blushing CLEAN, COOL, CALM, and DRY post treatment to ensure we don’t bother the ink. We’ll go into after care instructions in depth the day of your treatment, but generally it just entails being very gentle with your freshly tattooed skin. You’ll experience a bit of scabbing, but other than that it’s a fairly simple healing process! Most importantly, no spicy or acidic foods while healing! This will bother the ink and feel very uncomfortable. 

Can I participate in sexual activities after getting my lip blushing?

While healing from your lip blushing, your skin is technically an open wound. Because of this, it is best to refrain from oral sexual activity as you are more susceptible to bacteria, infection, and possible STDs. 

Does it hurt to get cosmetically tattooed lip blushing?

I use a medical grade numbing cream to make the process as pain free as possible. I have had clients who do not even feel the tattooing process, while others are a bit more sensitive; this depends on your body’s pain tolerance and every person varies. If you do experience discomfort, we will apply more numbing cream, focus on your favorite music, and get through it together! 

How long does it take to get cosmetically tattooed lip blushing?

On average, I can tattoo lips in anywhere from one to two hours, so it’s a pretty quick process! This depends on how well you sit (pain tolerance) and how in depth we are getting with the shade of the ink. In addition, lips have a tendency to swell with tattooing, so this also plays into how quickly the process of lip blushing goes.  

Can we tattoo cosmetic lip blushing over scaring?

Yes, absolutely! I have had a few clients who have had scars from skin cancer removal, general boo-boos, and scars from acne and fever blisters. Lip blushing is designed to correct any imperfections! 

Can I lip blushing if I am prone to fever blisters?

Yes, absolutely. However, your body does recognize lip blushing as injury and stress, so the process may elicit an outbreak. If your doctor has treated an outbreak in the past, it is sometimes helpful to get a prescription prior to lip blushing as a proactive measure.  If you do get an outbreak post lip blushing, the main issue is that it will probably push the ink out in the area you experience your breakout, which will mean you require a touchup. 

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