Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo. We use various techniques to shade the brow and draw in each individual hair-stroke.

This is a very involved process; we will work together to choose your ink color and choose a shape based on your personal eyebrow preferences as well as the Golden Ratio of Facial Symmetry. Microblading is a two-step process starting with the initial treatment and a follow up six weeks later to perfect the brow.

What is Mircoblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo; a blade is used to draw in each individual hair stroke. There are various methods; microblading, ombre shading, combination brow. The method chose depends on the style of brow you desire. This will be discussed in depth prior to beginning the tattoo process.

How does it differ from a traditional cosmetic tattoo?

Traditional cosmetic tattooing involves a tattoo gun and the process of fully coloring in the eyebrow shape. Microblading appears more natural because each individual hair stroke is tattooed on. Because traditional cosmetic tattooing uses a tattoo gun, there is a deeper penetration of the ink and therefore, the tattoo lasts permanently. Microblading is a less aggressive tattoo; the ink penetrates more shallowly, resulting in a semi-permanent tattoo that lasts one to three years. Pros and cons to this include yearly touchups, but also being able to change your brow preference based on beauty trends.

The healing process:

Not only do your brows go through a sequence of healing, but your emotions do as well! The day of the treatment, your brows will be red, swollen, and the ink will appear very sharp. In the following days, scabs will start to form, and your brows will appear crusty; this makes them look large and dark. Once the scabs subside, your skin starts to heal over the ink. This camouflages the ink and makes them look really light and patchy. A few weeks in, everything starts to balance out and the ink settles to the healed results.

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Aftercare Instructions

Before showering: Apply a layer of ointment to protect your eyebrows. During the shower keep your face away from the shower head, avoiding hot or steamy showers. 

Day 1

Day of Procedure: Do not use any product on eyebrows and don’t get eyebrows wet.

Day 2-5

Don’t get eyebrows wet and apply light layer of aftercare ointment once daily, prior to bed. 

Day 6-15

Carefully clean eyebrows with damp gauze and antibacterial soap.

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How do we pick shape and color?

We work together to determine the color and shape that best compliments you. This is a very involved process where an open line of communication is key. I will guide the process, but I rely on your opinion to finalize the design. We use the Golden Ration of facial symmetry, coupled with your brow preference to design a brow that compliments your facial features. Color is chosen based on your skin type, hair color, and personal preference. We will color swatch a series of colors to determine what suites you best.

How long does it last?

Microblading is considered semi-permanent and lasts on average 1-3 years, depending on how well the brows are cared for. Initial healing is key, followed by use of sun screen to diminish fading. Skin type also plays a role; oilier skin has a tendency to fade microblading faster, as the sebum pushes the ink to the surface.

Does it hurt?

This depends on your pain tolerance. We do use a topical numbing prior to the tattoo. Generally speaking, the tattooing process itself lasts on average at most 40 minutes. This is a procedure that is uncomfortable, but we use various numbing techniques to ensure that the process is as tolerable as possible, and well worth the results!

How long does it last? How many sessions are needed?

Microneedling lasts 1-3 years on average, depending on a multitude of factors; how oily our skin is, how much sun exposure the brows endure, and how well you care for them post treatment. Oilier skin tends to push the ink out a little quicker. Sun exposure fades the ink due to how superficially it sits in your epidermal layer. Following after care is key to ideal healed results. Regardless, you need one touch up six weeks following your initial treatment. That first session designs the brow and gets the process started. 40-60% of your ink will fade and this is completely normally. Your body recognizes it as a foreign particle and rejects some of the ink. The second session, your body is more apt to absorb the ink.

It’s also super common to go into your first session a little nervous. You’re getting your face tattooed! It’s common to go lighter with color and thinner to transition yourself into getting used to having more defined brow. The second session, you’re more comfortable with going a little bolder.

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