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Microblading: Everything You Need to Know!

In this blog, we discuss everything you could possibly need to know about microblading. This is designed to help those exploring their microblading options make the best decisions on when to get the treatment and by whom to get microblading. While Lux does offer microblading in Indianapolis, IN, we want to help guide anyone around the world interested in the treatment as to how to get the best results possible, what to expect, and how to make the most informed decisions along your microblading journey! 

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a cosmetic tattoo for your eyebrows. The process is very involved; Microblading uses the Golden Ratio of Facial Symmetry to design a brow that compliments your facial structure & features. This creates a very natural, soft, 3D brow. 

Does Microblading hurt?

It would be naïve to think that Microblading has no pain associated with treatment. It’s a tattoo, on your face. We are slicing into the skin with a blade composed of 12+ tiny needles. Yes, this process is associated with a bit of pain. A qualified provider will use a medical grade numbing cream; this helps minimize the pain, but it certainly doesn’t make the service pain free. The concept of ‘Beauty is Pain’ comes to mind when thinking about Microblading.  I say all of this to set realistic expectations for anyone looking to get Microblading done. However, some clients have an incredibly high pain tolerance and rate the pain as a 1 on a scale of 1 to 10. Again, all pain levels vary; I just want you to be realistic going into Microblading treatment, it can be uncomfortable. But the results are SO worth it! Do you go into tattoos thinking that the process will be pain free? No, so you cannot expect to go into cosmetic tattooing thinking the process will be pain free. 

What is the healing process like with Microblading?

After Microblading treatment, your brows start to scab. During this time, you need to keep them cool, clean, and dry. Meaning no aggressive, sweaty workouts, no long showers, no steam rooms, no swimming, etc.  You should keep an ointment on them for the first 3-4 days. No picking, scratching, etc. Just generally be mindful of your new ink. 

Its super common for clients to ask if they can shower and wash their face. YES!! Please still practice good hygiene, just be mindful of washing around the freshly microbladed brows and avoid getting them super wet. 

You’ll need to avoid sun exposure, as this can have a direct effect on the ink. Wear a hat, sunglasses, etc. and avoid predominately outdoor activities such as laying by the pool. Even with a hat on, your brows will receive some sun exposure. 

You cannot put makeup on or around the brows during healing. Aka, no brow powders or gels. You also need to avoid using eyeshadow and foundations near the brow. One, makeup has bacteria in it, no matter how well we think we keep our makeup clean. Brows are essentially open wounds post Microblading, meaning you are most susceptible to bacterial infections. Two, the process of removing makeup requires rubbing and this can rub your fresh Microblading ink out prematurely. 

When is the best time of year to get Microblading?

The best time of year to get Microblading treatment is anytime that you tend to avoid sun exposure. If you love summer days by the pool or have a tropical vacation scheduled, you definitely need to hold off on Microblading until a time that you will be out of the sun. Even wearing a hat and using SPF can still result in premature ink fading. A lot of clients prefer to do Microblading when they have a couple days of downtime where they can relax at home, all natural. 

Do not get Microblading immediately before a big event. This goes back to the concept of not being able to wear makeup while the brows are still scabbed. Make sure you are scheduling your Microblading minimum 3 weeks prior to any big events that will require full face makeup. 

Is Microblading permanent?

Yes and no. Microblading is technically termed semi-permanent makeup. But you do have the possibility of permanent ink retention. But unlike traditionally tattooed brows, the ink concentration with Microblading is lesser, meaning you are more susceptible to fading ink. 

What is the difference in Microblading, traditional tatted brows, and microshading?

Microblading is the only eyebrow tattoo that uses a handheld pen with a blade on the end to create each individual hairstroke. This is different from traditional tattooed brows and microshading in the sense that the other two treatments use a battery powered machine. The machine method is a traditional tattoo that deposits the ink at a much deeper level with a high ink concentration than Microblading. Traditional tattooing and microshading are both permanent and the long-term look of the ink will resemble old school, tattooed brows; meaning, the ink is dark, can change colors to look blue, green, grey, or orange, and the ink has a tendency to bleed out creating a fuzzier, marker like appearance. Microblading is more natural and heals better than traditional and microshaded brows. 

Essentially, Microblading was designed to replace traditional tattooed brows because of the more natural appearance and how the ink looks over the years. Microshading became a trendy term for brows that have a more glam appearance, but essentially microshading is still the OG traditional tattoo method, just renamed and rebranded. 

How often will I need a Microblading touchup?

After your initial Microblading appointment, you’ll need a 4-week touchup. After that, touchups range from 1-3 years depending on a multitude of factors such as sun exposure, skin type, facial care routine, etc. This varies by personal and by preference! 

I have oily skin, what does this mean for Microblading?

Oily skin does have a tendency to lighten the ink at a more expedited rate. I have had multiple clients consult with me after receiving Microblading by another artist and the ink just is not sticking. Going to an artist that has been in the industry for a while and is knowledgeable on tattooing oily skin is key. Oily skin requires a deeper penetration of the ink, a high-quality ink, and more of a dry healing regime. This also means that you are likely to need yearly Microblading touchups! 

How do I know what shape to choose for Microblading?

Microblading is not a one size fits all process. The process is very involved; Microblading uses the Golden Ratio of Facial Symmetry to design a brow that compliments your facial structure & features. You and your artists should work together to design your brow, incorporate your personal preference on brow shape, & find the color that compliments your skin tone & hair color. If you are looking at your artists look-book and all of their clients have the exact same shape and style, this indicates that your artist is not very knowledgeable on the shaping process and more than likely uses a stencil. While this isn’t the worst red flag, it does indicate that it may not be the artist for you. You want brows to fit YOUR face and compliment YOUR features with a shape designed just for you. 

How do I know I’m finding a good provider for Microblading?

Finding a knowledgeable provider is key to a good experience with Microblading. Some suggestions when finding a provider, ask questions! Utilize the knowledge you have gained from this blog to engage your provider in a few question-guided discussions. You want a provider that is well spoken and confident on Microblading. Next, having a portfolio of personal Microblading clients is a sign that the provider is experienced. In 2022, it’s rare that a provider does not have a social media presence; check out their page, look at comparison photos. It’s a bonus if their content provides educational, knowledgeable posts on the services as well. It’s always okay for you to ask a provider for their credentials. 

Interested in learning more about getting Microblading? Check out Lux’s Microblading homepage for an appointment at our flagship in Indianapolis, IN! Link here!

Interested in learning more about Microblade Training? Lux offers in-person training at our flagship in Indianapolis, IN, as well as online training to guide artists across the nation. Link here! 

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