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Lip Blushing: Everything You Need to Know!

What is Lip Blushing?

Lip Blushing consists of inserting particles of pigment into the dermal layer of skin via cosmetic tattoo machine; often known as micropigmentation. This enhancement allows us to define the vermillion border, brighten lips, & create the appearance of fuller, more plump lips!!

Does Lip Blushing hurt?

It would be naïve to think that Lip Blushing has no pain associated with treatment. It’s a tattoo, on your face. Yes, this process is associated with a bit of pain. A qualified provider will use a medical grade numbing cream; this helps minimize the pain, but it certainly doesn’t make the service pain free. The concept of ‘Beauty is Pain’ comes to mind when thinking about Lip Blushing.  I say all of this to set realistic expectations for anyone looking to get Lip Blushing done. However, some clients have an incredibly high pain tolerance and rate the pain as a 1 on a scale of 1 to 10. Again, all pain levels vary; I just want you to be realistic going into Lip Blushing treatment, it can be uncomfortable. But the results are SO worth it! Do you go into tattoos thinking that the process will be pain free? No, so you cannot expect to go into cosmetic tattooing thinking the process will be pain free. 

What is the healing process like with Lip Blushing? 

The lips are really swollen for up to 72 hours after Lip Blushing. The tattoo itself elicits chronically dry lips. This feels very similar to bad chapped lips. It is so important to keep your lips hydrated with a heavy layer of A&D ointment post Lip Blushing. This is going to make the healing process much more manageable. 

Lips are very sensitive post Lip Blushing. You need to be hyper aware of eating and drinking habits. Essentially, the lips are an open wound and susceptible to bacteria, drink from clean straws. Avoid food touching your lips. Do not bite into foods, rather cut your food in small bites and place in mouth with a fork. Avoid acidic foods such as tomatoes and lemons while healing; the acid will burn your lips and can result in a blister. 

No oral sex during healing. Again, lips are essentially an open wound and incredibly sensitive to bacteria. Be mindful when kissing, as well. 

We want to keep the lips clean, cool, calm, and dry during healing after Lip Blushing. No aggressive sweating or working out during healing.  No long showers, avoid getting lips wet, no saunas, swimming, etc. 

Its super common for clients to ask if they can shower and wash their face. YES!! Please still practice good hygiene, just be mindful of washing around the fresh Lip Blushing and avoid getting them super wet. 

You’ll need to avoid sun exposure, as this can have a direct effect on the ink. Wear a hat and avoid predominately outdoor activities such as laying by the pool. Even with a hat on, your lips will receive some sun exposure. 

You cannot put makeup on or around the lips during healing. Aka, lip sticks or lip glosses. You also need to avoid using foundations near the lips. One, makeup has bacteria in it, no matter how well we think we keep our makeup clean. Lips are essentially open wounds post Lip Blushing, meaning you are most susceptible to bacterial infections. Two, the process of removing makeup requires rubbing and this can rub your fresh ink out prematurely. 

What is the healing process of Lip Blushing in terms of color of lips?

Your lips are extremely bold immediately after treatment. The ink is fresh and sitting within the dermal and epidermal layers of your skin, you have scabs, and more blood flow to the lips. Meaning the ink is DARK. As he lips chap, they remain dark. Then as the epidermal ink is shed and the skin starts to restore itself to normal, the ink gradually fades. 

Lip Blushing is unique in that the color that you tattoo is a fraction of the intensity of the healed color. It’s really common for clients to be concerned immediately after Lip Blushing that the color they chose is too dark, don’t worry, your healed results will be much lighter! 

When is the best time of year to get Lip Blushing? 

The best time of year to get Lip Blushing treatment is anytime that you tend to avoid sun exposure. If you love summer days by the pool or have a tropical vacation scheduled, you definitely need to hold off on Lip Blushing until a time that you will be out of the sun. Even wearing a hat and using SPF can still result in premature ink fading. A lot of clients prefer to do Lip Blushing when they have a couple days of downtime where they can relax at home, all natural. 

Do not get Lip Blushing immediately before a big event. This goes back to the concept of not being able to wear makeup while the lips are still scabbed. Make sure you are scheduling your Lip Blushing minimum 3 weeks prior to any big events that will require full face makeup. 

Is Lip Blushing permanent?

Yes, Lip Blushing is considered permanent makeup. A concentrated amount of ink is deposited into your dermal layer of skin. With that being said, Lip Blushing can still fade based on sun exposure, skin care regimen, and skin type. 

How often will I need a Lip Blushing touchup?

After your initial Lip Blushing appointment, you’ll need a 4-week touchup. After that, touchups range from 1-3 years depending on a multitude of factors such as sun exposure, skin type, facial care routine, etc. This varies by personal and by preference! 

I get fever blisters, have herpes simplex one, and experience cold sores; what does this mean for Lip Blushing?

Any stressors to the skin can result in an outbreak, meaning that if you are prone to fever blisters, lip blushing can cause an outbreak. This doesn’t mean that you cannot get Lip Blushing. However, you just need to be mindful. Many clients will have their physician call in a prescription prior to Lip Blushing to be proactive. A good provider will use LED light therapy post Lip Blushing if they know you are fever blister prone to kill bacteria and minimize the chances of an outbreak. Please keep in mind that if you do have a break-out post Lip Blushing, the chances of that area healing with no ink retention are very high. This may mean you need more than the traditional two Lip Blushing treatments to achieve the desired results. 

I smoke; what does this mean for Lip Blushing?

Smoking is one of the leading causes of your ink not retaining or turning a different color post Lip Blushing. This counts for nicotine, marijuana, hookah, and vape as all forms of smoking rub on the lips, leave residue behind, and effect the way ink heals. You need to be mindful of this and not smoke during your healing process. If you are addicted and avoiding smoking is not feasible for you, you need to be mindful that your ink is at a higher risk of fading or changing colors. 

Can you get Lip Blushing if you have fillers?

Yes, you can get Lip Blushing if you have fillers. It’s really popular to get both for a dual effect. You just need minimum 2 weeks after injections for the filler to settle before getting Lip Blushing. Lip Blushing can make your filler migrate or dissolve prematurely if the filler is not given adequate time to settle. If you choose to do Lip Blushing followed by filler, you need minimum 4 weeks post Lip Blushing for the skin to fully heal prior to injections. 

How do I know I’m finding a good provider for Lip Blushing?

Finding a knowledgeable provider is key to a good experience with Lip Blushing. Some suggestions when finding a provider, ask questions! Utilize the knowledge you have gained from this blog to engage your provider in a few question-guided discussions. You want a provider that is well spoken and confident on Lip Blushing. Next, having a portfolio of personal Lip Blushing clients is a sign that the provider is experienced. In 2022, it’s rare that a provider does not have a social media presence; check out their page, look at comparison photos. It’s a bonus if their content provides educational, knowledgeable posts on the services as well. It’s always okay for you to ask a provider for their credentials. 

Have questions that we haven’t discussed? Comment below and I’ll be sure to answer / clarify anything that you may like to know!

Want to learn more about Lip Blushing? Check out the Lux Lip Blushing Webpage. Link here!

Want to learn more about Lip Blush Training? Lux offers in person training at our flagship in Indianapolis, IN, as well as an online training program available to those nationwide! Link here! 

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