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Everything You Need to Know About Silk Pillow Cases


  • Visibly lessen hair tangles 
  • Reduces frizz
  • Reduces loss of hair
  • Keeps skin moisturized & soft 
  • Silk doesn’t crease your face 
  • Evens out complexion 
  • Helps with acne 
  • Prevents wrinkles & fine lines 
  • Allows sweat to evaporate 
  • Helps with wound healing 
  • Helps with hot flashes 
  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Aids in sleep 

The THREE MAIN BENEFITS: Softening your hair, reducing acne, and preventing wrinkles! 

Silk and Your Hair:

Silk helps to reduce friction that causes kinks and split ends on your hair. Strands glide over silk without rubbing on fibers, like is common in other forms of linens. Sleeping puts a ton of pressure on our hair, resulting in the strands of our hair getting caught up on the fibers of our pillows and pulled out while tossing and turning. By switching to silk, we reduce breakage and promote longer, healthier hair! Silk also helps fight the annoying winter static that we battle yearly. Winter hair gets dry, largely in part from pillow fabric absorbing the oils and products from your hair, leaving it dehydrated, frizzy, fluffy, and full of static. 

Speaking of fabrics absorbing oils and products…. Think about those same products being absorbed by your pillow and your face resting on that pillow every night…. 

Silk and Your Skin:

Friction takes place with a lot of linens and your skin. When using cotton pillow cases, they have a tendency to rub off the serums and moisturizers you so diligently applied before sleep and absorbing the product into the fabric. Silk allows your face to glide over the fabric, keeping your products in-tact and unharmed over-night. The fabric of silk has the same natural pH levels as your skin, meaning the fabric doesn’t interfere with your natural pH balance. This compliments healthy skin and contributes to a reduction in acne. Because you’re not resting on a product ad bacteria soaked fabric all night, we are working to promote clean, clear skin!  In addition to balancing your natural pH, the silk fibroin prevents the growth of bacteria, primary the strep bacteria that causing acne. By silking on silk, you are aiding in reducing bacteria growth from acne.

Next up, fine lines and wrinkles! 

Have you ever woken with lines and creases in your face; making you look like you had just completed a 20-hour hibernation? Silk provides a natural soft cushioning for the face, that acts as a memory foam that doesn’t create pressure on your skin. Silk makes a great pillow case every night, and even better for planes! Long term use of silk pillowcases will aid in a graceful aging. 

Silk and Health:

Derms and OBs recommend sleeping in full silk to prevent the feeling of hot flashes and elicit a sensation of cool. Again, silk doesn’t absorb, therefore sweat can’t be held in the fabric. Think of it as dry fit meets luxury! 

While silk deflects sweat, products, and bacteria from absorption… it also discourages the growth of molds and mites, which benefits your skin and respiratory health. Silk helps keep you safe from allergens and potential sickness! Especially during the thick allergy seasons. 

Lastly, silk pillowcases aid in better sleep! It allows you a soft, resting surface and a comforting, smooth feel on the skin. Silk is basically a natural sleep aid; resting on a cloud of luxury. 

If you’re not already convinced, silk pillowcases look chic and sexy on your bed and grant you endless healthy and beauty benefits! 

Ready to experience the difference of silk? Shop today!

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